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Plate image from Atlas of Human Anatomy, courtesy of
Plate image from Atlas of Human Anatomy, courtesy of

Beginning our series about online resources for medical students, we’d like to introduce a wonderful site that we’ve been a fan of for years. Anatomy Atlases is run by two doctors, Dr. Michael D’Alessandro and Dr. Ronald Bergman. The website itself acts as an online library of anatomical information, both historical and current. The site’s purpose is to provide curated anatomical content to educate patients, healthcare providers, and students for free.

At time of this writing, six textbooks and atlases are available through the site, including a fascinating collection of Human Anatomy in Cross Section, as well as Dr. Bergman’s translation of Dr. Carl Ernest Bock’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, originally published in 1841.

From Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section, courtesy of
Section of the head from Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section. Courtesy of

One of the most compelling aspects of the site is how it integrates modern anatomical science and much older classical medical illustration and information. While the Atlas of Human Anatomy was written over 100 years ago, its illustrations offer a gorgeous view of human anatomy, and the historical content of the book is fascinating to read. Conversely, the Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section is much more recent, with its last revision in 2004, and shows actual segments of human anatomy, giving a graphic and clear addition to anatomical study.

Another interesting component of the site is the Anatomy of First Aid, a first aid manual that was prepared for the United States Navy. It is designed to be anatomically and medically correct, and offers unique situations where these techniques may be used.

Overall, we love the variety of information present on the site. Additionally, it appears to receive regular updates, and, while some of the information is older, it is clearly a well-maintained and useful collection of information for students and the curious.

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