Introducing Axis Scientific – Quality Anatomy Models at a Great Price

We tend to keep our blog entries focused more on information than advertising – After all, we’re here to help educate! However, we’re extremely excited to introduce our new line of anatomical models, exclusive to Anatomy Warehouse. Axis Scientific was designed for educators, students, and professionals, with a strong focus on combining quality with cost. We’re extremely proud of the results!

The Axis Scientific Painted Skeleton, Exclusively from Anatomy Warehouse
The Axis Scientific Painted Skeleton, Exclusively from Anatomy Warehouse

One of the early stand-outs in the collection has been our Axis Scientific Painted Skeleton. This life sized skeleton is a beautiful addition to any classroom or medical facility, with an incredible balance of cost and detail. A feature that’s been popular with customers is the nearly invisible hardware on the skull, allowing for an uninterrupted study of the cranium. The calvarium attaches with magnets, rather than the standard hooks found on other skeletons and anatomy models. This is not only more attractive, but more practical as well! Broken skull hooks have been a common concern among our customers for years, and we’re very happy with this solution. The skeleton includes an easy to assemble stand, for attractive display.

Axis Scientific's 16 part Dual Sex Mini Torso, only at Anatomy Warehouse
Axis Scientific’s 16 part Dual Sex Mini Torso, only at Anatomy Warehouse

A favorite among our staff is the Axis Scientific 16-part Dual Sex Mini Torso, a 17” anatomical torso with interchangeable genitalia. We love this torso because of the amount of detail packed into its tiny design! One of our favorite features is the way the torso fits together. Rather than being primarily held together with pegs, as most big torsos are, this torso is held together mostly with a combination of magnets and hooks. The parts fit together easily – Even an early anatomy student will be able to put this together! It’s also a great price, making it a no-brainer for anyone looking to study the internal organs of the human body.

We’re so proud of the Axis line that we want to be sure everyone has a shot at their own Axis model. To this end, we’re offering a 15% off discount on the entire Axis Scientific line for a limited time. Now through 6/27/2014, customers can score this extra discount (once only!) by using promo code AXISLAUNCH during checkout.  New, awesome anatomy models can be yours, at a lower cost than you thought possible!

Tried Axis already? Tells us what you think in the comments for a shot at fame, glory, and maybe, just maybe, something special from your Anatomy Warehouse friends.

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