How the anatomy model would help in physical therapy

Shoulder Joint Anatomy Model With RotatorThe most common medical diagnosis for shoulder problems are rotator cuff tears, impingement syndrome, tendinitis, bursitis and adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) [1]. Proper physical therapy could help you recovery quickly with less pain and get back to normal life. Recently, Mariah Carey recovered from the shoulder injury through three month’s physical therapy. Shawnna Shula, the Fife High School volleyball coach, also got relieved from the shoulder surgery after intense physical therapy. Also, there is a new approach for shoulder replacement, which would not cut the subscapularis – a rotator cuff tendon in the front of the shoulder – and reflected to allow exposure to the joint as a typical shoulder replacement [2]. This technology would save time, eliminates risk of subscapularis insufficiency and let patients quickly return to do sports. This shoulder joint model shows the musculature of the rotator cuff, which could be detached for a clearer understanding of the shoulder joint.

Shoulder disorders are very common in individuals of all ages. The shoulder is vulnerable to injury because of frequently mobility in different directions.  It could become worse and worse when most of people choose to endure the pain. Most of people start to pay attention only until it become serious. Do you still suffer from the shoulder injuries? Do you feel pain when trying to lift something? Is the pain influence your work and mood? If so, let us help you understand your condition!Anatomy And Injuries Of The Shoulder Anatomical Chart

The more you understand the structure of muscles and joints, the better you could receive from the proper treatment. The knowledge could help you continue the treatment by yourself and actively cooperate with the doctors for treatment. This chart would give you a wealth of information of the functional anatomy of the shoulder. Fitness exercise could strength the shoulder muscles. But Remember warm up the muscles – Five to ten minutes activities, such as jogging or walking could prevent you from hurting the muscles.


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