What’s Fascinating About the Human Muscular System

The human muscle anatomical figure is quite a wonderful marvel! There are approximately 640 skeletal muscles on average in humans, although the exact number is hard to define because of the fact that some muscles are grouped differently than others. These muscles perform a variety of functions, allowing for a quite a substantial range of movements including everything from curling one’s toes to bending one’s wrists to even blinking one’s eyelids. These wonderful skeletal muscles provide the body with the miraculous ability for a complex range of movements. For more information about specific muscle anatomy, check out some of our many muscular system anatomy models and anatomical charts below. Many of these posters and medical models can be zoomed in on our website to get a detailed view of the human musculature.

Anatomical Chart of Human Muscular System

Human Body Anatomical Chart of the Musuclar System

Human Musculature Anatomical Model for Medical Education


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