Which spine anatomical model is right for you?

Spine anatomy models are among our most popular products at Anatomy Warehouse. Thus, we often get questions from our customers about the difference between the budget and classic spines we have. Of course, all the spine models are great, and we recommend every one of them, but you should read on to figure out which one is best for YOUR needs.

spine anatomy modelAdvantages of the classic spine anatomy models (AW-58 and AW-59 series):
·    Manufactured in Germany using the best medical technology
·    Created by 3B Scientific
·    Durable and lightweight
·    Greater level of detail
·    All the spines are made from a mold cast from an actual human specimen, so that no detail is lost in the manufacturing process
·    Excellent for medical universities
·    Comes with 3 year warranty; the lifetime flexible spine models has a lifetime warranty
·    Since you spend over $100 on any model, you can get free shipping if you use the promo code listed *here*
·    Varieties:
o    Didactic Flexible Spine Anatomy Model
o    Painted Classic Flexible Spine Anatomy Model With Femur Heads 
o    Classic Flexible Spine Anatomy Model With Female Pelvis
o    Classic Flexible Spine Anatomy Model


Anatomy Warehouse budget spine modelAdvantages of the budget anatomical model:
·    Low priced
·    Great for science classes in elementary and high schools
·    Realistic for the medical student on a budget
·    Comes with its own stand
·    Sufficient for most patient consultations
·    Varieties: Budget Vertebral Column Anatomy Model With Stand, Budget Muscle Spine Anatomy Model with Disorders on Stand

Advantages of both spine models:
·    Anatomically accurate
·    Composed of plastic, with a copper rod running through the inside to maintain its form
·    Same size
·    Includes a herniated disk in the 3rd-4th lumbar
·    Fully functional; all of these models can be twisted

We hope this gives you a better idea of what you’re getting when you order a spine model. If you would like to know more information about these anatomy models or any of our other products at Anatomy Warehouse, please contact support@anatomywarehouse.com or call us toll free, 1-800-422-1134.

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