Spine and Vertebral Models

Anatomy Warehouse offers an extensive line of human spinal models, including a variety of detailed, flexible models and spine stands. With a variety including basic budget spine models to German-made vertebral columns, our spinal models are a perfect addition to your studies. Lifelike and accurate, spine models are useful for professionals, as well as students. Our flexible human spine anatomy models are great patient education tools for chiropractors, as well.

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  1. Axis Scientific 5th Cervical Vertebra

  2. Axis Scientific Didactic Premium Flexible Vertebral Column

  3. Axis Scientific Premium Flexible Vertebral Column

  4. Axis Scientific Thoracic Vertebrae with Enlarged Spinal Cord

  5. Axis Scientific Enlarged Spinal Cord Model with Nerves 8x Life Size

  6. Axis Scientific Painted Flexible Vertebral Column with Femur Heads

  7. Axis Scientific Life-Size Flexible Vertebral Column

  8. Axis Scientific Miniature Vertebral Column

  9. Axis Scientific Lumbar Section with Sacrum and Spinal Nerves

  10. Axis Scientific Cervical Vertebral Column with Spinal Nerves and Arteries

  11. X-Ray Phantom Spine Model, Transparent

  12. X-Ray Phantom Spine, Opaque

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Study Human Anatomy with Spine and Vertebral Models

Those studying medicine, or practicing it, benefit greatly from accurate anatomy models. Both for patient education purposes and study, detailed anatomical models are a great asset. Study the structures of the body up close without the use of an impractical cadaver. Anatomical models are cast from human specimens, offering exceptional accuracy and detail without the fragility of human remains. Anatomy Warehouse offers a comprehensive collection of spine and vertebral model, made from durable materials. Whether you want a budget spine model for a basic biology class or a detailed, flexible spine for your medical students, we have what you need.

Anatomy students starting out will appreciate the Axis Scientific Classic Vertebral Column With Stand. We recommend this model to beginning anatomy students, or those in high school classrooms, due to its basic level of detail. The model is a wonderful visual aid, and looks great displayed as well. Plus, its price is great!

For those looking for more detail, we recommend models like the Classic Flexible Spine with Femur Heads, an attractive model with an extended warranty and great detail. It does not include a spine stand, so be sure to check with our support team if you need advice on an appropriate stand.

Shop for spine models at the best possible prices at Anatomy Warehouse, where you get the widest selection of anatomy models and expert customer service.