Our collection of heart anatomy models and charts is perfect for cardiology and general patient education. Anatomy Warehouse is here with our comprehensive selection of human heart models and charts, each illustrating specific parts and structures inside the heart. These anatomy models and charts are ideal for students and others who wish to learn more in-depth anatomy about the human heart, including its valves and atriums. Heart models and charts are also great for displaying in hospitals, offices, and other healthcare institutions.

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  1. Axis Scientific 3-Part Heart (3x Life-Size)

  2. Axis Scientific 2-Part Deluxe Life-Size Human Heart

  3. World's Largest Heart Anatomy Model

  4. SOMSO Premium Heart in 4 Parts - 2x Life Size

  5. Human Heart Anatomy Model Display

  6. Heart Of America Plus Anatomy Model With Coronary Bypasses

  7. Human Heart Anatomy Model With Oesophagus & Trachea

  8. Human Heart Anatomy Model With Bypass

  9. Giant Heart Of America Anatomy Model

  10. Human Heart Anatomy Model (7 Parts)

  11. Human Heart Anatomy Model (2 Times Life-Size)

  12. SOMSO Deluxe Heart in 2 Parts

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The Heart of the Matter – Anatomy Models and Charts

Whether you’re looking for a model for a specialist’s office or a chart for beginners just starting out in their study of the heart, we have a perfect product for you. With Anatomy Warehouse’s collection of heart models and charts, you’ll be able to learn, in detail, about the different features and structures of the human heart. Our models range from budget conscious to extremely detailed, advanced models that are perfect for graduate level study and beyond.

A great set to start off your study of the human heart, as well as potential cardiac conditions, is the 3 Piece Mini Heart Anatomy Models Set. The set includes three half life-size models of the human heart, including a healthy heart, a myocardial infarction heart, and a heart displaying congestive heart failure. The set includes a detailed education card, and is mounted on a plastic base for easy display. It is useful for patient education, as well as for students and those interested in cardiac conditions.

Even those who prefer hands on learning will enjoy our collection of heart charts. Available in a variety of topics, these charts will make a great addition to your studies or patient education.

Anatomy Warehouse chooses each model and chart for our collection with our customers in mind. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a professional interested in furthering your education, we have a perfect model or chart for you.