When studying the digestive system, it’s important to understand the intestines and their many functions and products. Anatomy models and charts are one great way to study this information. With Anatomy Warehouse’s collection of intestine models and charts, students will find the perfect addition to their education. Professionals looking to educate their patients will be pleased with our selection as well. Detailed and accurate, anatomical charts and models will help enhance anyone’s understanding of the intestines.

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  1. SOMSO Complete Digestive System Model - 2/3 Life Size

  2. Intestinal Villi Anatomy Model

  3. GI Tract Anatomy Model

  4. Axis Scientific Caecum and Appendix, Enlarged 1.5 Times Life Size

  5. The Digestive Tract - Normal and Diseased Laminated Anatomy Chart

  6. Life-Size 5 Part Digestive System Anatomy Model

  7. Colon Anatomy Model With Pathologies

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Digesting Information with Intestine Models and Charts

Whether your interest is personal or professional, understanding the structure and function of the human intestinal tract is important. From end to end, the digestive tract is about 27 feet long, spanning the stomach and intestines. While its primary role is digestion of food, the digestive tract is also plays a prominent role in the immune system and the absorption of sodium into the body. There are also healthy bacteria living in the digestive tract, which help break down things that the body isn’t able to break down on its own.

A fan favorite intestinal model is the GI Tract Anatomy Model. It displays both the large and small intestine, as well as a variety of common intestinal pathologies such as Crohn’s disease, polyps, cancer, and infections. The model is also budget conscious while still offering a variety of details. It makes a wonderful patient training aid, as well.

Interested in some of the nuances of the intestines? Check out the Intestinal Villi Anatomy Model. More than five million villi exist in the small intestine, and their structure is fascinating! With this wonderfully detailed model, 23 unique structures can be identified. The model makes a wonderful and graphic addition to any medical office as décor, as well.

Anatomy Warehouse offers a variety of products, with the best customer support in the industry.