Intestinal Models

It’s important to understand the intestines and their many functions and products when studying the anatomy of the digestive system. Detailed models and charts are an effective method of studying anatomy. Our fascinating collection of intestine models will offer a variety of unique and informative products for anyone, from students to professionals. Patient education becomes easier with anatomical models. Anatomy Warehouse offers a great variety of products, and many orders ship free.

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  1. SOMSO Complete Digestive System Model - 2/3 Life Size

  2. Life-Size 5 Part Digestive System Anatomy Model

  3. Intestinal Villi Anatomy Model

  4. GI Tract Anatomy Model

  5. Colon Anatomy Model With Pathologies

  6. Axis Scientific Caecum and Appendix, Enlarged 1.5 Times Life Size

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Study the Body with Intestinal Models

The digestive system is a fascinating and vital part of the human body. Whether studying from a personal or professional approach, an understanding of the intestinal tract is important. Throughout its 9 meters of length, the digestive system not only digests and breaks down food, but also helps with the absorption of sodium and other nutrients into the body. It also helps with immune system health. Healthy bacteria also reside in the digestive tract, helping to break down things that the body cannot break down on its own.

One popular and detailed option for students and professionals is GI Tract Anatomy Model. It displays the large and small intestine, as well as several common intestinal pathologies such as Crohn’s disease, polyps, cancer, and infections. Budget conscious and appropriate for a variety of audiences, the model makes a great addition to your patient education.

For those with less space, or interested in an inexpensive and detailed option, the intestinal charts are a wonderful option. Students and patients agree, the colorful illustrations offer a unique and attractive perspective on the body and its functions.

Anatomy Warehouse offers a variety of products, with the best customer support in the industry.