Kidneys serve a variety of purposes in the human body, including regulation of electrolytes, maintenance of an acid-base balance within the body’s chemistry, and regulating blood pressure. These bean-like organs function as the natural filter of the blood, helping to remove waste and keep the body healthy. Studying them is fascinating, especially when anatomical models and charts are used. Anatomy Warehouse carries a full collection of kidney models and charts to help students and professionals study this structure.

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  1. Axis Scientific Abdominal Cross Section Model at T12

  2. Axis Scientific Kidney with Adrenal Gland (3x Life-Size)

  3. Kidney Section Model Including Nephrons, Blood Vessels and Renal Corpuscle

  4. Deluxe Left Kidney Anatomy Model

  5. 3B Microanatomy Kidney Anatomy Model

  6. Kidney Anatomy Model With Rear Organs

  7. Right Kidney And Adrenal Gland Anatomy Model

  8. Kidney Anatomy Model With Vessels

  9. Kidney Section Anatomy Model (3 Times)

  10. Basic Kidney Section Anatomy Model - 3 Times Life-Size

  11. Human Kidney Anatomy Model with Adrenal Gland

  12. Basic Kidney Anatomy Model

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Study Human Anatomy with Charts and Models of the Kidneys

Essential to the urinary system, these bean shaped organs are a vital part of human health. As the body’s natural blood filter, the kidneys assist in the removal of waste from the body, moving them to the bladder. It also assists in regulating blood pressure, as well as the acid-base balance of the body. Located at the rear of the abdomen, the kidneys each excrete waste to individual ureters. The kidney is subject to a variety of conditions, including the common and uncomfortable kidney stones.

A particularly fascinating anatomical model for study of the kidneys is the Axis Scientific Enlarged Kidney Anatomy Model. This all in one model displays the kidney in full, along with vessels and glands. The model is enlarged from life size, making it a useful study aid for students, as well as a great visual aid for patient education. The model is supplied with a detailed product manual.

Interested in an anatomical chart to further your study? The Kidney Anatomical Chart is a wonderful option, with clear and attractive illustrations by some of the world’s top medical illustrators. It makes a fantastic companion to anatomical models of the kidney.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in medical education models and charts. Our expert support staff is here to assist with any questions about these and other products.