Larynx and Pharynx Models

While the pharynx and larynx are primarily used in vocalization, they also play several other roles in the body. Did you know the pharynx also aids in digestion and respiration? Anatomy Warehouse offers a collection of models to help students and professionals explore these fascinating anatomical structures. Great for medical facilities, hospitals, classes, and specialists, these models are great for patient education as well.

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  1. Axis Scientific Larynx and Pharynx Disorders Model

  2. SOMSO Human Larynx with Tongue Premium Anatomy Model

  3. Giant Functional Larynx Anatomy Model

  4. Bronchial Tree Anatomy Model With Larynx

  5. Functional Human Larynx Anatomy Model

  6. Larynx Anatomy Model (7 Parts)

  7. Functional Human Larynx Anatomy Model

  8. Human Larynx Anatomy Model

  9. Illnesses Of The Esophagus Anatomy Model

  10. Hyoid Bone Anatomy Model On Stand

  11. Bronchial Tree Anatomy Model With Larynx

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Pharynx and Larynx Anatomical Models

Even something as simple and natural as speech involves a wide range of actions within our bodies. Just saying one word engages a variety of organs, from the lungs to the larynx to the mouth. For those studying the voice, or even just the human body, it is important to understand the process and its parts, including the pharynx and larynx.

Simply referred to as the “voice box,” even though it is not boxy in shape, the larynx manipulates the pitch and volume of sounds, as well as houses our vocal cords. It is located just below the pharynx. It also protects the trachea from inhaling food or drink accidentally. It also houses the thyroid cartilage, as well as a number of other cartilages occupying the front of the neck. With the Functional Human Larynx Anatomy Model, students and patients alike will be able to observe the movements of the larynx and its parts. It also looks great in medical facilities and offices.

Many customers like pairing their anatomical models with a detailed anatomical chart. Our collection of pharynx and larynx charts is especially useful for students.

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