Liver Models

For many, a tactile approach to learning is best. Offer your students and patients the option of learning about the liver hands on with these anatomical models. Anatomy Warehouse offers a variety of anatomical models that make exceptional study aids, patient education tools, or simply décor for your office or medical facility. Not sure what will work best for you? Contact our expert support team for advice.

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  1. Axis Scientific Abdominal Cross Section Model at T12

  2. Axis Scientific Diseased Liver Model

  3. Liver And Gallbladder Anatomy Model

  4. Human Liver Anatomy Model With Gallbladder

  5. Diseased Liver Anatomy Model

  6. Liver Anatomy Model With Gall Bladder

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Study the Liver with Anatomy Models

Metabolism, insulin breakdown, detoxification – These are just a few roles of the liver, not to mention all of the proteins that are produced and secreted by the liver. Without the liver, we would be unable to live, as there is no artificial means to replicate all of its functions. Because of this, it is very important that medical professionals understand it in full!

A great option for students and professionals alike is the Human Liver Anatomy Model with Gallbladder. German made and hand-painted, this anatomical model is detailed and beautifully presented on a baseboard. It includes details of the pancreas, gallbladder, duodenum, and various ducts and vessels of the region. In addition to its attractive appearance, it is accompanied by an extended manufacturer’s warranty for years of educational value.

Prefer a chart or poster? The Liver Anatomical Chart is a great option. It offers a clear picture of the liver and its parts, including gallstones and bilary draining area. Students appreciate the clarity of the chart, and its beautiful and informative detail. It also looks at home in a medical facility or waiting area.

Anatomy Warehouse offers a tremendous variety of anatomical products, including charts, posters, manikins, models, and various study aids. Not sure what you need? Contact our expert support team for advice.