Lung Models

Students and patients agree – A hands-on component to their education is very useful. With anatomical models, it’s easier to display and study the various features of structures of the body, like the lungs. Our collection of lung models includes basic lungs, diseased lungs, and other 3D replicas of the respiratory system. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best anatomy models and charts at the best low prices every day, with expert customer service and free shipping on many orders.

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  1. Axis Scientific 7-Part Human Lung and Respiratory System (3/4 Life-Size)

  2. Life-Size Lung Anatomy Model 5 Parts

  3. COPD Model

  4. Diseased Lung Anatomy Model

  5. Basic Lung Anatomy Model

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Study the Lung with Anatomy Models

Our lungs are incredible! The average human takes in around 22,000 breaths in a day, which moves through more than 1500 miles of tiny airways that run through our lungs. While our lungs primary function is respiration, they also assist with the removal of carbon dioxide from our bodies. All told, they provide more than 11,000 liters of oxygen to the body within a day.

Our collection of anatomical models of the lung will help you and your students or patients understand the anatomy of the lungs with great clarity. The Basic Lung Anatomy Model is a wonderful introductory model with a large amount of detail and information at a budget price tag. The model displays bronchial structures, as well as blood vessels, and includes a detailed information card for easy study.

For a more complete anatomical education, we highly recommend our collection of Respiratory System Anatomical Charts. These charts were created in collaboration with medical illustrators and physicians, and provide a wide range of information. They are also gorgeous when displayed.

Anatomy Warehouse brings you the best in anatomical study, with the best everyday low prices and best customer support in the industry.