Stomach Models

For those who prefer a hands-on study experience, our collection of stomach anatomy models will be great for you. These detailed and durable models offer a range of anatomical details, including internal and external structures, and many offer presentations of medical conditions. Whether you’re a medical professional or student, you will find something useful in our collection. Anatomical models are a great addition to medical facilities and offices as well.

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  1. Stomach Anatomy Model With Ulcers

  2. SOMSO Complete Digestive System Model - 2/3 Life Size

  3. Life-Size Human Digestive System Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  4. Human Stomach Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  5. Human Stomach Anatomy Model

  6. Gastric Band Model

  7. Intestinal Diseases

  8. Stomach With Ulcers Anatomy Model

  9. Stomach Cancer Anatomy Model

  10. Life-Size Two Piece Stomach Anatomy Model

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Digest Knowledge with Stomach Anatomical Models

Anatomical study can be difficult to digest, but with a detailed anatomical model, you’ll find students and patients alike grasping the structure of the stomach more easily. One of the parts of the gastrointestinal tract, the stomach contains a variety of glands, tissue, and muscle. It is surrounded by a variety of blood vessels and nerves which regulate its activity. Without its continued healthy function, the stomach can cause major issues for a person’s wellbeing. Study this fascinating organ with stomach anatomy models.

We love the Human Stomach Anatomy Model for those who wish to study the anatomy of the external and internal structures of the stomach. Its detailed construction makes it an ideal companion to study. It is easily bisected for internal study, including the vessels and nerves of the stomach. Made from durable materials, this model is hand painted and intricately detailed. The model is a good size for hands-on study as well.

We recommend that those studying the digestive system accompany this and any of our models with a detailed anatomical chart of the Digestive System. These charts are a gorgeous addition to any medical setting, including hospitals and specialist’s offices.

At Anatomy Warehouse, we want to help you study most effectively, and educate patients with ease. Contact our customer support team for the best advice about these and other products.