Ear Models

Models can add an entirely new approach to anatomy study. Many individuals learn best with hands-on study, and anatomy models are one way to get this tactile approach. Anatomy models are detailed and accurate, produced from human specimens for lifelike appearance. Many models are oversized for an even clearer approach. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical education for medical students, professionals, and even though simply interested in biology and science.
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  1. Axis Scientific Oversized 3-Part Human Ear

  2. World's Largest Ear (3 Parts) Anatomy Model

  3. Human Functional Ear Anatomy Model

  4. Deluxe Eight Part Ear Anatomy Model

  5. Giant Three Part Ear Anatomy Model

  6. 5 Times Life-Size Giant Ear Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  7. Organ Of Corti

  8. Ossicle Model 20 Times Life Size

  9. Human Ear Anatomy Model

  10. Giant Ear Anatomy Model

  11. Life-Size Human Auditory Discs Model

  12. Basic Ear Anatomy Model

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Now Ear This – Anatomical Models of the Ear

Our ears aren’t just for hearing. These crucial anatomical structures are also important to our balance and equilibrium. Doctors and students both need to have an understanding of the ear and its functions, as well as be able to explain these things to patients. To help them understand the anatomy and structures of the ear more thoroughly, Anatomy Warehouse offers a wide selection of human ear models and charts.

Our extensive offering includes acupuncture ear models, human ear anatomy charts to ear anatomy models, functional ear anatomy model and giant ear anatomy models. The ear anatomy models in this collection are available in a range of sizes and levels of detail, from giant to life size models. We also offer simple ear anatomy models detailing just the basic structure of the ear to deluxe eight part models with various components of the human ear displayed in detail. The models are constructed to lifelike specifications, and look great in medical facilities and offices.

Anatomy Warehouse provides a huge variety of the best anatomical products, shipping worldwide. We're so sure you'll love our products, we offer a money-back guarantee. Shop for ear anatomy models at Anatomy Warehouse and you will keep coming back!