Eye Models

Study the human eye with 3D replicas and models. Everyone benefits from a hands-on approach to learning, and these models will help even the most confused student or patient gain a solid base understanding of the eye and its components. Our accurate and detailed anatomical models include budget models, for the most basic and introductory students, all the way to multi-part models of the eye. With our low price guarantee and Money Back policy, you can shop with full confidence on AnatomyWarehouse.com.

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  1. Axis Scientific 7-Part Human Eye (5x Life Size)

  2. SOMSO 3x Life Size Premium Eye with Bony Orbit Anatomy Model

  3. Giant Eye Anatomy Model (11 Parts)

  4. Giant Eye Anatomy Model In Bony Orbit

  5. Giant Five Parts Eyeball Anatomy Model

  6. Human Eye Anatomy Model

  7. Budget Whopper Eye Anatomy Model

  8. Functional Human Eye Anatomy Model With Change Lens

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Keep Your Eye on Anatomical Models

Whether you’re a student or professional, detailed anatomical models can add a new dimension to your study – The third! Hands-on learners will love these, especially, but everyone can benefit from their detailed and accurate presentation. The entire structure of the eye is covered, and many models can be dissected into several pieces for a more complete understanding.

For those interested in a budget approach, the Axis Scientific 7 Part Human Eye Anatomy Model is a wonderful option, featuring enough detail to satisfy basic studies of the anatomy of the eye. The model dissects into seven parts, and is enlarged to six times life size for easier study of small structures. It looks wonderful as a classroom display, or in an office. Introductory students will appreciate its simple approach, and it is also useful for educating patients in a very general way.

Looking for something more advanced? Aspiring opticians and medical professionals like the Full Size Human Eye Anatomy Model in 7 Parts for its exceptional level of detail and unique presentation. Its removable base is in the shape of the bony orbit, giving it an additional flair. Beyond its appearance, the model dissects into a number of pieces and offers clear detail of even small areas of ocular anatomy.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical education. We’re so sure you’ll love your order that we offer a Money Back Guarantee!