Mouth Models

With an anatomical model of the mouth, patients and students alike can benefit from hands-on study of this anatomical structure. Anatomy Warehouse provides a wide selection of human mouth models, each illustrating the numerous internal features of the mouth. Perfect for students looking for more information about the human mouth, especially about jaw and teeth structures, these models make a great addition to medical settings as well.

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  1. Axis Scientific Larynx and Pharynx Disorders Model

  2. Tongue Anatomy Model

  3. Classic Tooth Anatomy Model Series

  4. Advanced Half Lower Jaw Anatomy Model With 8 Dissected Teeth (19 Parts)

  5. Dental Disease Model (Lower Jaw)

  6. Giant Molar Anatomy Model With Dental Caries

  7. Half Lower Jaw Anatomy Model

  8. Dentition Development Anatomy Model On Stand

  9. Adult Dentures Anatomy Model

  10. Milk Dentures Model

  11. Upper Triple-Root Molar Tooth Anatomy Model

  12. Giant Dental Care Anatomy Model

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Study the Anatomy of the Mouth with Models

From the teeth and the throat to the tongue, the mouth helps us achieve many functions necessary for survival. It’s a surprisingly complex structure! Our teeth, tongue and other vital organs of the mouth allow us to eat, speak, and even smile. Understanding our mouths is very important, and we offer a huge range of products to help educate your students and patients about this amazing part of the human body.

Hands-on study helps students be immediately engaged, and make it easier to help patients understand where their discomfort originates. Models are a great way to demonstrate or explain to anyone the physiology of the mouth. The Dental Disease Model of the Lower Jaw is a great visual aid for those explaining periodontal conditions to patients.

We’re your one stop shop for anatomical models, charts, and more. Anatomy Warehouse is the #1 internet source for medical education, backed by our money back guarantee and the best customer support in the industry.