Anatomical skull models and charts are great for patient education, as well as for independent study and classroom use. Anatomy Warehouse provides a comprehensive selection of human skull models and charts, each illustrating different parts of the skull. These skull anatomy models and charts are perfect for students who wish to learn more in-depth about the skull's bone structure. Skull models and charts are also great for displaying in hospitals, offices, and other healthcare institutions.

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  1. Axis Scientific 22 Part Osteopathic Didactic Human Skull

  2. Axis Scientific 22 Part Osteopathic Natural Bone Human Skull

  3. Axis Scientific Life-Size Human Skull with Removable Muscles

  4. Axis Scientific 22-Part Disarticulated Life-Size Human Skull

  5. Axis Scientific Didactic Skull on Cervical Vertebrae with Nerves and Arteries

  6. Axis Scientific 3-Part Life-Size Human Skull with 8-Part Brain

  7. Axis Scientific 3-Part Life-Size Painted Didactic Human Skull

  8. Axis Scientific Human Skull with Masticatory Muscles

  9. Axis Scientific 3-Part Life-Size Numbered Human Skull

  10. Axis Scientific Life-Size Human Skull with Blood Vessels

  11. Axis Scientific Painted and Numbered 3-Part Life-Size Human Skull

  12. Axis Scientific Human Skull Model with Flexible Neck

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Study the Skull with Anatomical Models and Charts

The skull is composed of two major parts. The neurocranium, also known as the braincase, protects the brain and brain stem from damage. The viscerocranium is the facial skeleton, which supports the face. The bones of the skull are joined by a series of sutures, as well as unmoving synathrodial joints, with the exception of the mandible, or jaw. While subtle, there are several differences between male and female skulls, primarily in terms of size and the prominence of the orbital ridge. Study of this anatomical structure is important for medical students, as well as for physicians.

A detailed and thorough anatomical chart of the skull is a valuable addition to anatomical studies. One great example is the Human Skull Anatomical Chart, a popular chart for years. Indeed, it displays a tremendous amount of detail in a convenient poster size. It makes an excellent addition to any medical training facility, as well as hospitals. Anatomy enthusiasts also love its clear design.

Looking for a great supplement to one of the skull charts? The Axis Scientific 3 Part Human Skull Anatomy Model is one option. The skull contains a great variety of details without breaking the bank. We suggest this skull for basic study, but it also looks great as décor.

Anatomy Warehouse wants you to have the best available anatomical study aids. With our range of skull charts and models, we know you’ll find just what you need.