Skull Models

Skull models are great for students, patient education, or just for display. With our comprehensive selection of human skull models, hands on learners will find it easier than ever to get a handle on the anatomy of the skull and its features. Perfect for educating patients as well, the variety of models available illustrates the skull in exceptional detail. They are also useful for students who wish to learn more in-depth about the skull's bone structure.

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  1. Axis Scientific 22 Part Osteopathic Didactic Human Skull

  2. Axis Scientific Life-Size Human Skull with Removable Muscles

  3. Axis Scientific 22 Part Osteopathic Natural Bone Human Skull

  4. Axis Scientific 22-Part Disarticulated Life-Size Human Skull

  5. Axis Scientific Didactic Skull on Cervical Vertebrae with Nerves and Arteries

  6. Axis Scientific 3-Part Life-Size Human Skull with 8-Part Brain

  7. Axis Scientific 3-Part Life-Size Painted Didactic Human Skull

  8. Axis Scientific Human Skull with Masticatory Muscles

  9. Axis Scientific 3-Part Life-Size Numbered Human Skull

  10. Axis Scientific Life-Size Human Skull with Blood Vessels

  11. Axis Scientific Painted and Numbered 3-Part Life-Size Human Skull

  12. Axis Scientific Human Skull Model with Flexible Neck

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Detailed and Informative Anatomical Skull Models

With Anatomy Warehouse’s range of human skull models, it’s easy to find the perfect skull for your needs. Ranging from budget models focused on a price-detail combination to the most advanced skull models available, we offer many skull models for many purposes. Basic models make great décor options, as well as being useful for younger students, students just starting out, basic anatomical reference for artists and others, and much more. Advanced models are best suited for medical students that are further along in their careers. We offer dental skulls, as well.

Cast from anatomical specimens, many of our skulls feature bone-like materials, and others have removable parts for up close examination of these fascinating structures. We can help you find the skull that’s just right for you. Simply contact our customer support team for guidance.

When you purchase a skull through Anatomy Warehouse, you know you’re getting a high quality, detailed model with the best customer support behind it.