Female Pelvis

The human pelvis is a unique bony structure. The pelvic bone even helps forensic scientists learn the gender of a skeleton, based on its shape! For those looking to expand their knowledge of the female pelvic skeleton, we recommend these anatomical models and charts. This collection is informative and detailed, with a range of topics covered. Not sure what you need? Simply contact our support team for advice on these and our other products.

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  1. Axis Scientific Enlarged Model of Placenta

  2. Axis Scientific 6-Part Female Skeletal Pelvis with Organs

  3. Axis Scientific 3-Part Female Pelvis

  4. Axis Scientific Female Skeletal Pelvis

  5. Model for Gynecological Patient Education

  6. Pelvic Floor Musculature Laminated Anatomy Chart

  7. SOMSO Female Pelvis With Ligaments

  8. Life-Size Female Pelvis Anatomy Model With Ligaments Vessels Nerves And Pelvic Floor

  9. Female Pelvis Anatomy Model With Ligaments Muscles And Organs

  10. Rudiger Anatomie Female Pelvis with Pelvic Floor Muscles

  11. Female Pelvis Anatomy Model With Ligaments (3 Parts)

  12. Rudiger Anatomie Flexible Female Pelvis with Femur Heads

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Female Pelvis Anatomy Models and Charts

The word “pelvis” comes from the Latin word for “basin,” an appropriate term considering the shape of this bony structure. Located at the base of the spine, between the abdomen and thighs, the pelvis helps protect the organs of the reproductive system, while bearing the weight of the upper body. In women, the pelvis is slightly larger and wide than the male pelvis, having evolved this way to help ease the pain of childbirth. For medical professionals and students, it is important to develop an understanding of this structure.

A great model for this is the Axis Scientific Female Reproductive Pelvis Anatomy Model. This high quality model offers a detailed look at this structure. The model has several removable pieces, and details a number of pelvic ligaments as well.

For those who prefer a chart, we recommend the Pelvic Floor Musculature Laminated Chart. This oversized poster includes a huge range of information for studying this vital anatomical structure, including the way these muscles interact with different organ systems.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical study aids. Our female pelvic collection will be a great addition to your medical facility or gynecology office.