Male Pelvis

Our collection of male pelvic and reproductive models and charts offers a full range of teaching tools, from the very basic to comprehensive, advanced products appropriate for professionals. Produced to the highest standards of quality and detail, we know you’ll find the perfect accompaniment to your studies among our offerings. Study the details of reproductive anatomy and pelvic health with anatomical models and charts from Anatomy Warehouse.

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  1. Axis Scientific 3-Part Male Pelvis

  2. Axis Scientific Male Skeletal Pelvis

  3. Male Pelvis Anatomy Model With Ligaments Muscles And Organs

  4. Rudiger Anatomie Pelvic Model with Lumbar Spine Muscles

  5. Male Pelvis Anatomy Model (2 Parts)

  6. Rudiger Anatomie Male Pelvis with 2 Lumbar Vertebrae

  7. Male Pelvis with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Insert

  8. Male Pelvis Anatomy Model With Prostate Frame

  9. Male Pelvis Anatomy Model With Testicular Cancer

  10. Basic Male Pelvis Section Anatomy Model

  11. Male Inguinal Hernia Anatomy Model

  12. Male Pelvis Skeleton Anatomy Model

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Study the Structure of the Male Pelvis with Models and Charts

When learning about the anatomy of the male pelvis, a detailed anatomical model or chart can be very beneficial. The male pelvis is narrower and smaller than their female counterparts. Many theorize this is due to evolution, with women’s hips evolving for childbirth and men’s for running and hunting. Whatever the reason, men’s and women’s pelvises certainly are different!

For those studying male reproductive and pelvic anatomy, models give an additional dimension of understanding. A great example is the Axis Scientific Male Pelvis Anatomy Model. It is displayed on an easily mounted plaque for clear display. This cross-section model displays the internal anatomical structures of the male pelvis, including the prostate and bladder. Great for patient education, and for medical students, this model will be at home in your hospital or medical clinic.

Anatomy charts can also be very beneficial, like the Male Reproductive System Anatomical Chart. The chart is informative and visually attractive, as well as engaging.

At Anatomy Warehouse, we know your education is vital to your success as a medical professional, and with that in mind, we want you to find the best model or chart for your purposes. Not sure what you need? Contact our support team.