Female Reproductive Models

Without the reproductive system and its healthy function, our species would cease to exist. The female reproductive system is an absolutely fascinating, complex system which can present some difficulties for students who are trying to study it, and can also prove a challenge to explain to patients. With our collection of female reproductive models, this becomes much simpler. Choose from a variety of products appropriate to many levels of study. Specialists and OB/GYNs will also find this collection appealing.

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  1. Axis Scientific Enlarged Model of Placenta

  2. Axis Scientific Breast in Lactation Period

  3. Fetal Development with Uterus Set

  4. Model for Gynecological Patient Education

  5. Flexible Female Pelvis Including Femur Heads with Bungee Hardware

  6. Basic Female Pelvis Section Anatomy Model

  7. Uterus And Ovary Anatomy Model With Pathologies

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Study Anatomy with Female Reproductive Models

Unlike the male reproductive anatomy, the female reproductive organs are positioned within the body. From their home in the pelvis, these organs produce a variety of hormones and ovum, all in an effort to create new life! The female reproductive system’s primary role is human gestation, and the anatomy of its region has evolved appropriately for this purpose.

Students and patients love anatomy models for their viability as hands-on learning tools. One model we find especially helpful is The Female Pelvic Section Anatomy Model, a cross-section of the female pelvic region. It includes over 20 numbered structures, allowing for a detailed anatomical study. Its simple construction makes it a thorough aid for patient education, as well as being great for OB/GYN offices and for medical students.

Charts like the Female Reproductive System Anatomy Chart make attractive, informative additions to medical facilities, including fertility clinics, specialists’ offices, and health classrooms. Their colorful presentation invites exploration by onlookers, making them a great addition to patient education as well.

At Anatomy Warehouse, we offer a range of models appropriate for students, patients, professionals, and the casually curious. Not sure what you need? Contact our support team for expert advice.