Elbow Models

The olecranon process, the ulnar nerve.... What are they? With a model of the human elbow, you'll learn all about these! The human elbow is one of its most commonly engaged joints, and while its structure may seem simple, it includes a number of prominent bony landmarks. The ulnar nerve, more commonly known as the “funny bone,” also makes its home there. It also can experience a number of injuries, such as tennis elbow and a number of muscular injuries. To help facilitate a full study, Anatomy Warehouse has collected a number of models for students and medical professionals alike.

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  1. Axis Scientific Flexible Elbow Joint

  2. Elbow Joint Anatomy Model

  3. Muscled Elbow Joint Anatomy Model

  4. Deluxe Functional Elbow Joint Anatomy Model

  5. Basic Elbow Joint Anatomy Model

  6. Replacement Elbow Ligament for 3B Scientific Skeletons

  7. X-Ray Phantom Elbow, Transparent

  8. X-Ray Phantom Elbow, Opaque

  9. Elbow Construction Anatomy Model Display Case

  10. Rudiger Anatomie Functional Elbow Joint with Ligaments

  11. Functional Elbow Joint Anatomy Model

  12. Mini Elbow Joint Anatomy Model

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Anatomy Models of the Elbow

While the elbow itself is fairly simple, and its range of movements somewhat limited, it is a vital joint. It's likely you're using your elbow right now! With various muscles and nerves running through it, understanding the elbow can be complicated. With Anatomy Warehouse's collection of elbow models, though, study of this area becomes easier.

Essentially, the elbow is the structures at the junction of the humerus and the ulnar-radial meeting. It also includes a number of ligaments and cartilage. A popular option for those studying the joint is the Axis Scientific Functional Elbow Joint Anatomy Model, a life size functional model with an extended manufacturer’s warranty against defects. It also ships free with Ground shipping in the contiguous United States.

Did you know that the “funny bone” is actually not a bone at all? It's actually a nerve - The ulnar nerve! It is located along the ulna, one of the bones of the lower limb. It is the largest unprotected nerve in the body, and is commonly injured when one hits the end of their humerus. Some theorize that the name “funny bone” comes from its relationship with the humerus. To study this and other nerves located in the elbow, the Muscled Elbow Joint is a great option. It is an inexpensive but informative option for students and medical professionals alike.

Anatomy Warehouse caters to a wide range of scientific minds, from medical students to physicians to the simply curious. Chat with our expert support staff today for advice on the perfect elbow joint model for you.