Foot Models

Study the anatomy of the feet with detailed anatomical models. Whether your interest is personal or professional, your study of human anatomy will be enhanced with the use of accurate 3D replicas, such as our collection of lifelike human foot models. These models are great for patient education, as well! Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical study, with low prices every day and the best customer support team in the industry. Our Money Back Guarantee is just one of the many ways we prove every day – We’re head and shoulders above our competition!

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  1. Axis Scientific 9 Part Foot with Muscles, Ligaments, Nerves and Arteries

  2. Axis Scientific Foot Skeleton With Ankle

  3. X-Ray Phantom Foot, Transparent

  4. X-Ray Phantom Foot, Opaque

  5. SOMSO Muscles of the Foot Premium Model

  6. SOMSO Premium Functional Foot & Ankle Model

  7. Rudiger Anatomie Foot Skeleton with Ligaments

  8. Foot And Lower Leg Skeleton Anatomy Model With Ligaments

  9. Foot Skeleton Anatomy Model With Ligaments

  10. Rudiger Anatomie Foot Skeleton with Portion of Tibia and Fibula

  11. SOMSO Normal Foot Model

  12. SOMSO Flat Foot Model

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Foot Anatomy Models – A Step Ahead in Learning

Here at Anatomy Warehouse, we offer an exclusive line of foot anatomy models, great for orthopedists and other specialists, patient education and medical students. Our foot models can help you study more in-depth about the human foot and also they can lend that professional look to your office or study, while also offering a tremendous range of study options.

Our collection of models includes everything from the budget and basic to the advanced. A popular option for those starting out is the Foot and Ankle Anatomy Model, a cost-conscious option that features a variety of anatomical features. The foot can be removed from its base, and includes enough detail to be used for patient education purposes.

Is a chart more appropriate for your studies? Then check out our Foot and Ankle Anatomical Chart. Popular with anatomy students for its wealth of information and beautiful illustrations, this chart is a poster sized addition to your studies. It even looks great when framed.

Our fantastic collection will be a great step in your anatomical journey. Contact our support team for advice or assistance!