Hand Models

Anatomical hands can be very handy for study! With our variety of detailed models, from the most budget friendly to the most detailed, students and professionals alike will find something to help their studies. Study of the hand can be challenging because of how many structures are present in its small area. Our collection of models will prove an invaluable resource and visual aid. They are also wonderful for patient education. Not sure what you need? Contact our support team today for advice.

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  1. Axis Scientific Hand Skeleton Loosely Threaded
    As low as $50.00

  2. Axis Scientific Articulated Hand Skeleton
    As low as $34.00

  3. Axis Scientific 7 Part Hand with Muscles, Ligaments, Nerves and Arteries

  4. Axis Scientific Hand Model with Deep Layers

  5. Axis Scientific Hand Skeleton Including Ulna and Radius

  6. Hand Skeleton Anatomy Model With Ligaments

  7. X-Ray Phantom Lower Arm, Transparent

  8. X-Ray Phantom Hand, Transparent

  9. SOMSO Muscles of the Hand Premium Model

  10. Life-Size Internal Hand Structure Anatomy Model

  11. Hand And Lower Forearm Skeleton Anatomy Model With Ligaments

  12. Painted Hand Anatomy Model On Elastic

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Keep a Hand Handy! Anatomical Models of the Hand

Between the many small bones and the tiny muscles of the hand, this humble anatomical structure is incredibly complex. Because of the number of anatomical features present in this area, it can be easy to injure, including repetitive strain injuries.

Many parts work together in the hand and forearm. Many of our more advanced customers love the Axis Scientific 7 Part Hand Model with Veins and Arteries. Its many exceptional details include all of the tendons, muscles, nerves, bones, and even the arteries and veins of the hand and wrist. It can even be used to study the deepest structures of the palmar region, and offers several removeable layers.

Medical professionals appreciate the opportunity to educate their patients with visual aids, such as detailed anatomical models. After all, a hands-on approach will always be better than chart or a book! Anatomical models make a great investment and can be used from medical school onward.

Anatomy Warehouse works with a team of medical professionals to choose the best models for you. Contact our support team for suggestions, or with any questions.