Knee Models

Anatomy Warehouse offers a comprehensive selection of human knee models, including extremely detailed structures such as the muscles and knee ligaments. Perfect for students, these models allow a more in-depth study of human anatomy, particularly its joint and muscle structures. They also look great in hospitals, offices, and other healthcare institutions. Anatomy Warehouse offers expert customer support on these and all of our products - Contact us for help finding the perfect model for you!

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  1. 4 Stage Osteoarthritis Knee Set Anatomy Model

  2. Axis Scientific Functional Knee Joint

  3. Axis Scientific Patella Bone
    As low as $14.00

  4. X-Ray Phantom Knee, Transparent

  5. Knee Construction Wall Display - Medium

  6. Knee Construction Anatomy Model Showcase

  7. Knee Joint Anatomy Model With Removable Muscles (12 Parts)

  8. SOMSO Functional Model of the Knee Joint

  9. Rudiger Anatomie Functional Knee Joint with Ligaments

  10. Knee Model With Endoprosthesis

  11. Sectional Knee Joint Anatomy Model

  12. Deluxe Functional Knee Joint Anatomy Model

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You Knee-d an Anatomy Model! Anatomical Models of the Knee

Stabilized by the cruciate ligaments, the knee is a crucial joint in the body. It is simply the articulation between the humerus and the tibia. It is the largest joint in the body, and is subject to a variety of injuries, as well as the development of bone degenerations such as osteoarthritis. When studying this joint, anatomical models are a great help. We offer a range of human knee anatomy models, including many functional options. Whether you want to closely examine the human knee muscle or the ligaments, these models are a great addition to your studies.

A favorite of customers, as well as our support team, is the Axis Scientific Functional Knee Joint Anatomy Model. This model emulates the movements of the knee joint easily, and offers a full view of the tendons, joint, ligaments, and even the ACL. Great for patient education and classrooms, this model offers an extended warranty through the manufacturer as well.

We suggest that students and those interested in studying the knee pair anatomy models with charts, such as the Hip and Knee Anatomical Chart. This chart looks great when displayed, and features a variety of information suitable for anyone studying the knee and hip.

Keep students interested and patients informed with these detailed knee anatomy models from Anatomy Warehouse.