Anatomical leg models and charts for rheumatology and general patient education. Anatomy Warehouse provides a comprehensive selection of human leg models and charts, each illustrating specific structures of the leg. These leg anatomy models and charts are perfect for students who wish to learn more in-depth anatomy about the human leg, particularly about the different structures that it encompasses (knee, ankle, etc.). Plus, leg models and charts are great for displaying in hospitals, offices, and other healthcare institutions.

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  1. Axis Scientific Premium Life-Size Human Leg Musculature

  2. Axis Scientific Leg Skeleton

  3. Axis Scientific Femur Bone
    As low as $26.00

  4. Axis Scientific Tibia Bone
    As low as $14.00

  5. Life-Size Muscular Leg Anatomy Model (7 Parts)

  6. Lower Muscled Leg Anatomy Model With Knee

  7. Numbered Muscular Leg Anatomy Model (9 Parts)

  8. Replacement Hip Ligament for 3B Scientific Skeletons

  9. ORTHOBones Femur
    As low as $55.50

  10. Hip and Hip Joint Laminated Anatomy Chart

  11. The Lower Extremity Laminated Anatomy Chart

  12. Muscles of the Leg Laminated Anatomy Chart

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A Leg Up on Study – Human Leg Anatomy Models and Charts

Are you looking for detailed anatomical models of the human leg for your office or medical class? We have what you need. Anatomy Warehouse brings you a great selection of human leg anatomy models, complemented by leg muscle charts. Learn in more detail about the different muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints of the leg and how all these elements work together.

The life size muscle anatomy models come with removable parts, helping both medical students and patients in better understanding the muscles in the leg.  Choose from a variety of models and charts, illustrating the leg anatomy, from joints and ligaments anatomy charts to leg workout posters. We also have various anatomy models of different bones in the human legs. All the models are made from the best quality, realistic materials, making them perfect for use in medical schools, classroom lectures and in doctor's offices.

Shop at AnatomyWarehouse.com for human leg anatomy models and charts.  We have the best prices and service on the web!