Leg Models

Study the anatomy of the leg with a variety of anatomical models from Anatomy Warehouse. Whether your interest is professional or personal, an understanding of the anatomy of the leg can be beneficial. Models are great for this, since many people learn best from hands-on study. With models covering the skeletal and muscular portions of the leg, Anatomy Warehouse has you covered. Not sure what you need? Speak with our customer support team for assistance.

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  1. Axis Scientific Femur Bone
    As low as $26.00

  2. Axis Scientific Fibula Bone
    As low as $14.00

  3. Axis Scientific Premium Life-Size Human Leg Musculature

  4. Axis Scientific Leg Skeleton

  5. Axis Scientific Tibia Bone
    As low as $14.00

  6. Life-Size Muscular Leg Anatomy Model (7 Parts)

  7. Lower Muscled Leg Anatomy Model With Knee

  8. Numbered Muscular Leg Anatomy Model (9 Parts)

  9. Replacement Hip Ligament for 3B Scientific Skeletons

  10. ORTHOBones Femur
    As low as $59.00

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A Leg Up on Study – Human Leg Anatomy Models

If you’re looking for a detailed anatomical model of the human leg, we’ve got you covered! Anatomy Warehouse brings you a great selection of human leg anatomy models, from skeletal models to those with removable muscles. Study of the leg and its parts is beneficial to any medical professional or student, and these models are also great for patient education.

A great option for those looking for a full leg model is the Axis Scientific Life-Size Muscular Leg Model in 7 Parts. This model features removable muscles for an enhanced understanding of the structure of the lower limb. Muscles like the gluteal muscles can be removed, as well as rectus femoris. This realistic model is great for classrooms, as well as for patient consultation sessions. This and our full range of models are made from the best quality, realistic materials, making them perfect for use in medical schools, classroom lectures and in doctor's offices.

We typically suggest that customers pair their leg models with a detailed chart, such as the oversized Lower Extremity Laminated Anatomy Chart. This chart features modern illustrations and covers a range of information, including ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles of the leg.

Shop at AnatomyWarehouse.com for human leg anatomy models and charts. We have the best prices and service on the web!