Muscle Models

A detailed study of the muscles of the body is valuable to anyone in a medical profession, as well as those preparing to enter the medical field. Detailed and accurate, these models are a great addition to your studies of the body. Whether studying the muscle’s structure itself or the way the muscles interact with bones and joints, we’ll have a perfect study aid for you. Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical study, every day, at the best prices.

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  1. Life-Size Muscular Leg Anatomy Model (7 Parts)

  2. Lower Muscled Leg Anatomy Model With Knee

  3. Dissectible Muscled Arm Anatomy Model

  4. Human Muscle Micro Anatomy Model

  5. Head And Neck Musculature Anatomy Model

  6. Muscled Hip Joint Anatomy Model

  7. Muscled Shoulder Joint Anatomy Model

  8. Muscled Joint Model Set

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  9. Aging Skin, Hair Loss & Normal Skin Anatomy Model

  10. COPD Model with Bronchus and Alveoli

  11. Foot with Gout Anatomy Model

  12. 4-Piece Vein Cross Section Anatomy Model

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Flex Your Study Muscles – Muscled Anatomy Models

Constructed from protein, our muscles serve as the source of our force and motion, and are responsible for our changing posture, as well as both internal and external movement. Did you know that even digestion of food is controlled by our muscle fiber? Whether voluntary or involuntary, a huge variety of movements are controlled by our muscular structures. The way that they interact with bones, too, is important for medical students to understand.

Interested in the microscopic construction of muscle fiber? Check out our Human Muscle Micro Anatomy Model, a microanatomy model illustrating the construction of skeletal muscle fiber, as well as its neuromuscular plate. Skeletal muscle, also known as voluntary muscle, makes up a large percentage of muscle fiber in the human body, and is responsible for locomotion of the body. Understanding the structure of this building block of the human body is incredibly important.

We suggest customers pair their anatomical models with detailed charts, such as the Muscular System Anatomical Chart. This fascinating poster, featuring classic illustrations by Peter Bachin, displays the entire muscular system, both front and back. It also includes information about the diaphragm. This chart makes a great addition to medical facilities, hospital waiting areas, and anywhere that the muscles of the body would be useful. Even fitness centers love this chart for educating students and clients!

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best in anatomical education every day. From charts to models to manikins, our prices are simply unbeatable. Our exclusive Money Back Guarantee is the icing on the cake!