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Upper & Lower Limbs

A detailed anatomical model or chart will greatly improve your studies of the limbs of the body. Whether you’re studying the arm, shoulder, knee, or even the foot, Anatomy Warehouse offers a variety of models and posters to help you become a regular anatomical know-it-all! Our collection includes functional joints, skeletal models of individual parts, even models of the skin. Anatomy Warehouse has the best prices in the industry, plus expert customer support. Our exclusive Money Back Guarantee is the icing on the cake, giving us unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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Shoulders and Elbow and Hands – Oh My! Upper and Lower Limb Anatomy Models and Charts

Medical students and patients overwhelmingly respond positively to the addition of anatomical models and charts to their study. Whether learning about the movements of the knee or about the tiniest of bones in the foot, anatomical models and charts help make learning fun, while still providing an exceptional amount of information.

Study the anatomy of the shoulder joint with the budget conscious and detailed Basic Shoulder Joint Anatomy Model. The model provides a variety of anatomical details, including the scapula, capsular ligament, and clavicle. Anatomy students appreciate the price tag, as well as the durable construction of this model. It also makes a great addition to patient education.

Another option for students is the Foot and Ankle Anatomy Model. The life size model offers an overall view of the foot and its ligaments, as well as the tarsal and metatarsal bones. As with the shoulder joint, the model offers a budget friendly price with exceptional detail. It is beautifully displayed on a base, with an education card for additional educational value.

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best anatomical study models and charts at the best prices every day. Our exceptional service will keep you coming back!