Skeletal Models

Sometimes, the best way to study a skeleton is by studying the individual bones. Anatomy Warehouse provides a complete selection of human skeletal parts, illustrating the various structures of the human skeleton. These anatomy models are ideal for students who wish to learn more in-depth about the skeletal system. They are also great for displaying in hospitals, medical clinics, and classrooms. Anatomy Warehouse brings you the best in anatomical education every day, with a variety of charts, models, and study aids, perfect for you.

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  1. Axis Scientific Human Skeleton with Flexible Spine, Muscle Insertions, and Ligaments Test

  2. Axis Scientific Disarticulated Half Child Skeleton

  3. First Quality Budget Bucky Skeleton Anatomy Model With Stand

  4. Axis Scientific Half Disarticulated Human Skeleton

  5. Axis Scientific Miniature Skeleton with Flexible Spine

  6. Axis Scientific Leg Skeleton

  7. Axis Scientific Arm Skeleton

  8. Axis Scientific Foot Skeleton With Ankle

  9. Axis Scientific Hand Skeleton Including Ulna and Radius

  10. Axis Scientific Sacrum

  11. Disarticulated Painted Full Skeleton Anatomy Model

  12. Painted Mini Human Skeleton Anatomy Model

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Skeletal Parts – Anatomy Models

Understanding the individual bones of the skeleton is just as important as understanding the skeleton in full. After all, the vertebral column won’t work without its axis, and the knee isn’t the same without the patella! Whether your interest is personal or professional, understanding the bones will assist in recall later on, as well as a deeper appreciation for bony landmarks present.

The components and structure of the bone itself is unique, and worth studying on its own. The Bone Structure Anatomy Model is a great way to do so. It is handmade and painted, displaying the incredible internal structure of the human bone. The model is magnified 500x, and looks wonderful when displayed. It can be utilized in classrooms and medical facilities, including specialists’ offices, for a deeper appreciation from patients and students.

Students and educators agree, disarticulated skeletons are a great way to save money when studying the bones individually. With our Budget Full Disarticulated Skeleton Anatomy Model, students are able to study individual bones at a great low price. Get an up close look at any bone in the body!

Anatomy Warehouse offers a full collection of anatomical models, charts, and study aids, all at everyday low prices. Our customer support team is here to help you pick the perfect product for you – Just give us a call, use our live chat feature, or send an email!