Study the skin with anatomical models and charts. Anatomy Warehouse offers a full collection of human skin models and charts, illustrating various parts and components of the skin. These models and charts are perfect for students, as well as for patient education purposes. Study this complex layered structure with models and charts! They also make great displays in hospitals, offices, and other healthcare institutions. Anatomy Warehouse has the best customer support in the industry. Not sure what you need? Contact our team for help!

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  1. Human Skin Anatomy Block Model 70 Times Life-Size

  2. Human Skin Anatomy Model (3 Parts)

  3. Skin Normal/Acne Anatomy Model

  4. Skin Burn And Normal Skin Anatomy Model

  5. Human Skin Series Plus Burn Pathologies Anatomy Model

  6. Human Skin Section Relief Model

  7. Skin Section Relief Model

  8. Skin Section Anatomy Model With Hair

  9. Skin Cancer Stages Model

  10. Acne Skin Anatomy Model

  11. Budget Super Skin Anatomy Model

  12. Skin Cancer Disk Set Anatomy Model

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Get Under the Skin with Anatomy Models and Charts

Making up approximately 12-15% of an average human’s body weight, the skin is the largest organ of the body. Our skin protects us from disease, as well as from varying temperatures, as well as acting as a water resistant barrier to keep nutrients in and pathogens out. While we may appear hairless, human skin is covered in tiny hair follicles, allowing for hair growth practically anywhere. Our species’ range of skin types and pigments provides an exceptional habitat for the many helpful bacteria that live on our body and keep us healthy. Skin is fascinating to study, and our collection of models and charts will help you do just that.

Studying the layers of skin is particularly important, as is understanding disorders and conditions that can impact its health. The Skin and Common Disorders Anatomical Chart is a great option for those trying to understand the skin, follicles, and various nerves of the skin’s surface. It also offers information and views of several conditions, like moles, carcinoma, and warts. The chart looks attractive when displayed, and includes a range of information.

Looking for a fun and informative way to learn about the skin? The Human Skin Anatomy Model is a fun way to learn about the skin, with its removable parts and easy assembly.

Study the skin with anatomical models and charts, available from Anatomy Warehouse.