Bonelike Human Skull Half Transparent Anatomy Model (8 Parts)


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3B's incredible BONElike Skulls are made of an exclusive material that allows for a completely natural reproduction of even the finest anatomical structures of the human skull, making this new skull a smash hit with customers who want incredible detail. The bones of the BONElike line look and feel almost exactly like natural bone, right down to the weight. This combination transparent and bony skull allows educators to display a unique juxtaposition of anatomical structures previously unavailable in other skulls. The transparent half allows the study of anatomical details that cannot be viewed in a traditional solid skull, such as the location of the sinuses, and can, in combination with the left, create a direct correlation between structures that would otherwise be invisible. The transparent portion of the jaw allows for an exceptional view of the periodontal pockets and roots. The teeth are also removable for in depth study. Additionally, the skull demonstrates the movements of mastication, while displaying the masseter and temporal muscles. The skull can be disassembled into both halves of the skullcap, the base of skull, the nasal septum, the mandible, and both muscles of mastication. While this skull is a great tool for anyone studying human anatomy, it is especially valuable for dentists and dental students. It measures 6.3x5.5x8.1 in.
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