Budget Bucky Skeleton 4th quality 5'6 tall without stand


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Budget Bucky is an adult anatomical model skeleton featuring a hanging hook at the top of the skull, jointed arms and legs, and a movable jaw on springs. Stand is NOT included. Size: 5' 6" tall. Weight: 17 lbs. Budget Bucky is made of durable plastic. NOTE: THIS IS A 4TH QUALITY SKELETON AND MAY BE IMPERFECT, DISCOLORED, UNFINISHED, OR HAVE MISSING HARDWARE. ALL SALES OF 4TH QUALITY GOODS ARE FINAL. RETURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
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Product FAQ

Q: Would I be able to use this model to study human anatomy?
A: Due to manufacturing imperfections (giving the product its “4th Quality” name), this model is not ideal for studying human anatomy. Each skeleton’s imperfections are a little different; some skeletons have missing bones in the hands or feet, some have missing or broken ribs, some are missing a knee cap (also known as the “patella” bone). The imperfections are actually a desired quality for our Halloween enthusiasts, however, if you are looking for a similar product that is better suited to studying human anatomy, consider the First Quality Budget Bucky Skeleton (SKU: A-102484).

Q: Are the hands on this skeleton able to grasp or hold an item?
A: Yes, the fingers and hands on this skeleton articulate and are able to hold an item. 

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