Budget Skull With 8 Part Brain Anatomy Model


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This Budget Skull With 8 Part Brain 3D Model is a durable plastic life-size skull with removable calvarium and hinged jaw on springs. Included translucent 8-part brain fits inside the cranial cavity. By allowing this structure to be dismantled, students and patients alike are able to study areas of the brain separately from each other in more detail. Made with basic anatomical accuracy in pinpointing general brain anatomy structures, this standard anatomical skull model is definitely a worthwhile purchase for anybody who would like to study or learn more about the cool features of the brain or just give it as a gift to your anatomy-loving friends. We suggest this brain model for secondary students looking to study the basic sections of the brain.

Size: 5in. x 8-1/2in. x 6in.. Weight: 7 lbs. Made by Anatomical Chart Company.
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