Catheterization Simulator Pro, Female


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With the female P93 PRO catheterization trainer, female bladder catheterization procedures can be realistically demonstrated, practiced and assessed. The genital inserts are placed into the anatomically correct lower abdominal model and held in place with magnets. The material is soft and flexible: the labia are movable and can be separated. This way the student can practice all the necessary gestures for catheterization (e.g. disinfection). The material gives a realistic feeling when inserting and removing the catheter into the bladder with realistic resistance and insertion depths.
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Product FAQ

Q: Can I use betadine with this simulator?
A: Yes, The female catheter trainer (SKU A-105931) can be used with betadine. 

Q: Is there a male version available?
A: Yes, there a male version available, and if you are interested in both models, we have a set available. 

Warranty Period 3 Year Warranty
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