Chicken Embryology - Microscope Slides


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The Chicken Embryology - Microscope Slides are microscope slides from 3B Scientific and manufactured in Germany. 1(f). Chicken, 24 hour, t.s. with neural groove, notochord, germ layers2(f). Chicken, 36 hour, t.s. with neural tube3(g). Chicken, 48 hour, l.s. with differentiation of mesoderm and ectoderm4(f). Chicken, 3 day, t.s. through body showing amnion and serosa5(f). Chicken, 3 day, t.s. of head with primordium of brain, eyes and heart6(g). Chicken, 3-4 day, horizontal section of entire specimen shows primordia of organs7(f). Chicken, 4-5 day, t.s. region of head with brain, gill arches8(f). Chicken, 4-5 day, t.s. region of heart9(g). Chicken, 8 day, sagittal l.s. through entire specimen showing embryonic organs10(f). Chicken, feather development, sec. through wings. The slides are best used for student education on the chicken embryology.
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