Crisis Adult Auscultation Manikin


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The Adult CRiSis Auscultation Manikin includes all the same great features as the complete CRiSis manikin, but with the addition of auscultation sites with heart and lung sounds. Presented as a real patient with visible auscultation sites, students are able to palpate to correctly identify auscultation locations, with different heart and lung sounds available. Use the SmartScope to identify the locations on the manikins, and diagnose condition by comparing the variations in sound occurring at different sites. Lung sounds are detachable at anterior and midaxillary locations, as well as six anterior heart sites. Perfect for group instruction!

The following lung conditions can be demonstrated; Bronchial, egophony, bronchovesicular, fine crackle, cavernous, friction rub, coarse crackle, infant, mono wheeze, normal, normal vesicular, pectoriloquy, pulmonary edema, rhonchi, stridor, wheeze. Heart conditions; Normal, aortic regurgitation, mitral stenosis, pulmonary stenosis, holosystolic, mid systolic, S3 and S4 gallops, systolic click, atrial septal defect, PDA, VSD.

Made in the USA by Nasco. 5 Year warranty.

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MPN LF03965U
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Warranty Period 5 Year Warranty
Best Uses Practical Skills Training
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