Didactic Human Skull Anatomy Model On Cervical Spine


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Bright colors make memorization easier with this incredible model from American 3B Scientific. Cast from an original human skull, this model uses 19 didactic colors to show the shapes and relationships of the various bone plates of the skull. This replica is flexibly mounted on the cervical spine (C1, C2 and C7 are colored). The didactic model also exhibits the hindbrain, spinal cord, spinal nerves of the cervical spine, vertebral arteries, basilar artery and rear cerebral arteries. It additionally represents the fissures, foramina, processes and sutures in great detail, making this model a fantastic learning tool for advanced study, including medical and neuro students.

This skull is handmade in Germany from hard, unbreakable plastic, and can be disassembled into skull cap, base of skull and mandible, as well as be removed from its stand. Mandible of skull is mounted on a spring to easily demonstrate natural movement. Measures 6.9 x 6.9 x 11.8 in and weighs 1.32 lbs.
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Q: How many pieces does this skull disassemble into?

A : This skull can be disassembled into three pieces - Calvarium (skullcap), mandible (jaw), and base of skull.  If you're interested in a skull that disassembles further, we recommend the 22 part Beauchene SkullIf you're still not sure what skull is best for you, contact our support team for guidance!

Warranty Period 3 Year Warranty
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Best Uses Medical Education, Decoration
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