Dog Skeleton Anatomy Model (Flexibly Mounted)

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The Dog Skeleton Anatomy Model is an anatomy model from 3B Scientific and manufactured in Germany. This dog skeleton comes flexibly mounted on a wooden base for easy display in the classroom. The flexible mounting makes demonstration of natural canine movements possible. Every bone of Canis domesticus is included in this completer real dog skeleton. This animal skeleton can be used for comparative anatomy and other studies. Don't just teach it, show it!
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MPN T300401
Warranty Period 3 Year Warranty
Product FAQ

Q:  What parts of the model are flexible?
A:   It is slightly flexible in the shoulders, hips, and the jaw.  You can demonstrate some life-like movements, though it’s not going to show a complete range of movements because the model is fragile.

Q:  Can the dog be mounted on a different color base, or is it always mounted on a black base?
A:  The wooden base you see in the picture is the base it will be delivered on.

Q: Can you remove the front and hind legs?
A:  The limbs are not meant to be removed. Technically, you can remove them, however it would not be possible to reattach them, as they are held together with wiring to keep the model intact.

Q:  Can one see the individual carpal and tarsal bones on this model?
A: Some elements of the carpal and tarsal bones will be hard to see because the wiring that holds each bone together must be done tightly, or the model will not stay in one piece. 

Q:  How heavy is the model?
A: On average it weighs 6 to 11 pounds.



Product Class Top-Tier
Best Uses Medical Education, Decoration
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