Female Pelvis Anatomy Model With Ligaments (3 Parts)


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The Female Pelvis Anatomy Model With Ligaments is a life-size, 3-part anatomy model from 3B Scientific and manufactured in Germany. This anatomy model represents an original cast of a bony female pelvis with ligaments and shows all the details of the following anatomical structures:

* Two hip bones
* the pubic symphysis
* the sacrum and the coccyx
* the fifth lumbar vertebra with intervertebral disc

A midsagittal section through the fifth lumbar vertebra, sacrum and coccyx, allow both halves of the pelvis to be disassembled revealing a part of the cauda equina in the vertebral canal. The left half of the fifth lumbar vertebra is removable.

The right half of the model shows the following pelvic ligaments:

* inguinal ligament
* sacrotuberous ligament
* sacrospinous ligament
* anterior sacroiliac ligaments
* iliolumbar ligament
* anterior longitudinal ligament
* interosseous sacroiliac ligament
* posterior sacroiliac ligament
* obturator membrane

This anatomically detailed model is a great way to teach and learn the anatomy of the human female pelvis. The model is 7.5 x 10.6 x 7.5 in. and weighs 2.20 lbs.
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