Flexible Mr. Thrifty Skeleton Anatomy Model With Spinal Nerves


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A more advanced version of our anatomically correct Mr. Thrifty Skeleton, this valuable teaching aid features a flexible spine with spinal cord, nerve roots, the vertebral artery, a herniated disc, cartilage, articulated joints, and removable 3-piece skull and extremities. For his small stature, Thrifty packs a lot of great detail! This multifunctional skeleton anatomy model is best used for both classroom settings as a educational product and offices as a useful display model. This popular desktop model is also useful for rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports medicine professionals. We do not suggest this skeleton for advanced study.

The Flexible Mr. Thrifty Skeleton with Spinal Nerves includes a metal stand. Measures 33.5in. tall. Made by Anatomical Chart Company.
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Product FAQ

Q: Does the scapula move?
A: The scapulae of this skeleton are attached to the ribcage, and don't move. They are screwed in and only the spine demonstrates flexibility.

Q: Does this skeleton show the sutures of the skull?
A: This skeleton will show the sutures of the skull very minimally, however, the Axis Scientific Mini skeletons or the Rudiger Mini Skeletons are more detailed. 

Product Class Economy
Best Uses Medical Education
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