Full Disarticulated Budget Skeleton With Skull Anatomy Model


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Basic study of skeletal anatomy is easy with this budget disarticulated skeleton. This full, life size skeleton includes 3-part skull, and all bones comprising the human body. The hyoid bone and intervertebral discs are NOT included in this otherwise complete skeleton. Please note, this skeleton cannot be assembled as if it were a puzzle - It is intended to remain a set of separate bones.

Because of the nature of budget models, we do not recommend this model for advanced study -- It is best used for basic anatomical study, including high school and general undergraduate anatomy courses. Some anatomical features of the bones may not be as clear as in more high end models. If you are interested in something for a higher level course, or are not sure if this model is right for you, please contact our support team.

Material by Anatomical Chart Company. Full set weighs approximately 20 lbs.
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Q: Will the bones provided in this model allow me to identify fossa and condyles accurately?
A: For those concerned with anatomical precision, we do not recommend any of our budget models (including the Full Disarticulated Budget Skeleton with Skull Anatomy Model).  Rather, I would point you in the direction of 3B's Disarticulated Human Skeleton Anatomy Model (https://www.anatomywarehouse.com/disarticulated-human-skeleton-anatomy-model-a-100143), which will allow you to identify the fossa and codyles accurately.  There is also a painted and numbered version of the 3B model that comes with a key that will help to identify the fossa and condyles, among other things.  The painted and numbered version can be found at https://www.anatomywarehouse.com/disarticulated-full-skeleton-anatomy-model-a-100500 .

Product Class Economy
Best Uses Medical Education
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