Giant Tooth Brushing Anatomy Model


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Demonstrate the correct method of brushing your teeth and gums with this economical model. The Giant Tooth Brushing Model has bendable wire springs, allowing for easy movement. This anatomical model is best used as a useful and handy learning tool for children to learn how to brush their teeth, but it also makes a great addition to dental offices.

Model measures 6in. from molar to molar. Includes a giant size, soft nylon bristle toothbrush, which measures 14.5in. long. Made by Anatomical Chart Company.

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Product FAQ

Q: Is the Giant Tooth Brushing Anatomy Model appropriate for use by children?
A: The Giant Tooth Brushing Anatomy Model is durable, and is a great teaching tool for children. While we do not usually promote that this model be used by the children, there is no major reason why children would not be able to safely use the model. The one concern with that situation is that the bendable metal pieces that hold the top and bottom jaw together can slip out of the holes by which they are attached. They are easily reconnected, but the issue could be confusing to a child. These pieces disconnecting could also cause the top jaw to shift position - nothing drastic, but enough to possibly give a gentle pinch to an unsuspecting hand or finger. Otherwise, this model could be quite appropriate for use by children, as it is large and has only three pieces (top jaw, bottom jaw and toothbrush).  As with all of our products, we definitely recommend that children are supervised while they are interacting with the model.

Q: Can you floss these teeth?
A: No, this model only allows for brushing techniques of the teeth and gums.

Product Class Economy
Best Uses Elementary Education
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