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GPI Anatomicals Presents Extremities & Joint Models

GPI Anatomicals, a US based manufacturer of both human and animal anatomical models is highly regarded as a brand that has been consistently delivering on quality and value. The medical industry swears by its anatomical models and the brand itself is a firm believer in, “positively impacting the lives of patients, students, and healthcare providers around the world through realistic and accurate models that facilitate effective anatomy education.”      

The precision with which GPI Anatomicals  makes its models is most visible in the prototypes for extremities and joints. At Anatomy Warehouse find a wide variety that ranges from muscled knee joint, basic shoulder joint, wrist and hand anatomy model, muscled elbow joint, to foot and ankle anatomy structure, and much more. All the models are made of superior quality materials and also come with manufacturer warranty.  

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  1. 4 Stage Osteoarthritis Knee Set Anatomy Model

  2. Mini-Muscled Joint Anatomy Model Set

  3. Thoracic & Lumbar Spine with Sacrum

  4. Muscled Hip with Sciatic Nerve Anatomy Model

  5. Muscled Elbow Joint Anatomy Model

  6. Muscled Hip Joint Anatomy Model

  7. Muscled Shoulder Joint Anatomy Model

  8. Muscled Joint Model Set

    Starting at $121.45

  9. Muscled Knee Joint Anatomy Model

  10. Knee with Meniscus Tears

  11. 4-Stage Arthritic Hip Anatomy Model

  12. Foot And Ankle Anatomy Model

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