Pathology Models

The U.S based manufacturer of anatomical models brings another fully-detailed and comprehensive set of anatomical models representing pathological conditions. GPI Anatomicals has been a leading producer and supplier of human and animal anatomical models and charts for over 30 years. Each model from the Osteoarthritis hand anatomy model, skin cancer disk set anatomy model, to the 4 – Stage Osteoarthritis shoulder anatomy models and the immensely useful 4-Piece Diabetes Anatomy model is a work of precision and is the perfect educational tool for classroom teaching or doctor-patient exchange.

Our GPI Anatomical inventory includes close to 100 pathological models at incredible prices. We have curated the most commonly required pathological models including the ones for conditions such as Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, Diseased Liver, and Diseased Brain. End your search for brilliant and precise pathological models that show the typical progression and affects of a disease. Get the most sought-after GPIs with us. We also offer custom logo application on these pathological models to help you personalize your purchase for identification or recall.