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Learn how to detect which blood type was found at the scene of crime or perform a hair analysis on your own. Anatomy Warehouse presents forensic kits to help children learn how to do chemistry / lab analysis on their own. These kits are fun, educational, and extremely interesting. Not just that, these are accurate and help you reach a comprehensive conclusion to your tests.

The Forensic and Chemistry kits available with us also include Bioluminescence and  Chemiluminescence demonstration kits that help you learn how luminol (used at the scene of violent crimes to figure out certain areas of the crime scene) can be used in scenes of  everyday life. With these kits offering the simulation of real life phenomena, you can easily study complex concepts related to bio and chemical luminescence. .

Simplify learning and education with these informational kits. Get them now! 

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  1. Forensic Chemistry Of Hair Analysis

  2. Bioluminescence Chemical Demonstration Kit

  3. Blood Spatter: Bloodstain Analysis Lab Activity

  4. Forensic Chemistry Of Carbon Fingerprinting

  5. Forensic Chemistry Of Blood Typing

  6. Chemiluminescence In Blood Stain Detection

  7. Forensic Chemistry Of Blood Typing Refill Kit

  8. Fingerprint Powder Refill For Is9012

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