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Drug Awareness

Everyone knows drugs are dangerous, but it's important to educate students and the public at large about just how dangerous, and in what ways.  With our collection of anti-drug posters and informational aids, it's easy to display the myriad effects of dangerous narcotics, and even steroids and inhalants.  Educate your students with our selection of products, available every day at the best prices from Anatomy Warehouse.

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Drug Awareness Information Posters and Models

Did you know that abuse of alcohol can lead to many more dangers than just degradation of the liver? Your bones, stomach, and even reproductive system can be impacted. It’s so important for students in health science classes to understand the range of dangers they can face. With these instructional aids from Anatomy Warehouse, you’re sure to make an impact with students and patients.

With the Drug Education – Heroin Laminated Chart, patients and students will be able to see the unsettling range of dangers to their body with heroin use, including heart disease and failure, irritated skin, brain damage, a slew of reproductive dangers, and, a theme across several systems, the potential of death. With this startling poster, students will be able to visualize the dangers of this serious drug.

Looking for an all in one option for setting up a health center or classroom? The Complete Drug Education Series includes nine charts covering topics such as cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, and methamphetamine abuse. Your students will learn effectively from these visually unsettling charts.

Anatomy Warehouse is here for more than your anatomical needs! Our health education collection will help you better teach the dangers of a variety of drugs and alcohol.