Tobacco Awareness

It's so important for individuals to understand how dangerous tobacco use can be in the long term.  With our collection of anti-smoking posters and informational aids, it's easy to display the myriad effects of this common intoxicant on the body.  Help someone quit smoking now!  Educate your students with our selection of products, available every day at the best prices from Anatomy Warehouse.  Many orders even ship free!  Not sure what you need?  Contact our expert support team for assistance.

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  1. Dual Lungs Comparison Kit

  2. BioQuest Inflatable Lung Comparison Kit & Teacher's Video

  3. Tobacco: A Smashing Curriculum

  4. BioQuest Simulated Smoker's Lung Kit

  5. BioQuest Inflatable Lungs Kit

  6. BioQuest Inflatable Smoker's Lungs

  7. Inflatable Swine Lungs

  8. Sponge Lung Demo Kit

  9. Dangers Of Smoking Anatomical Chart
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  10. Ready-to-Use Humectant Fluid

  11. BioQuest Inflatable Lung Comparison Kit

  12. Small Mammalian Lung Kit

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Anti-Smoking and Tobacco Awareness

Did you know more than 480,000 deaths in the United States every year can be attributed to smoking tobacco? Approximately 42,000 deaths are estimated to be the result of secondhand smoke exposure. Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and even stroke, and, on average, smokers will die 10 years before non-smokers. It’s easy to see why quitting smoking is a good idea, not just for yourself but for those around you!

The Dangers of Smoking Anatomical Chart is an informative introduction to the dangers of tobacco usage, including a graphic display of the difference between a smoker’s lung and a healthy lung. The impact on the brain is also explored, as is fetal development.

Looking for an all in one option for setting up a health center or classroom, with a variety of substance abuse information covered? The Complete Drug Education Series includes nine charts covering topics such as cocaine, tobacco, marijuana, and methamphetamine abuse. Your students will learn effectively from these visually unsettling charts.

Anatomy Warehouse is here for your medical and health education needs, with the best prices and service on the web.