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For teachers and doctors trying to keep their students and patients healthy, there are no better anatomical models or anatomy charts out there than our line of Health and Nutrition products. Anatomy Warehouse offers a full range of anatomy models and charts specific to keeping healthy and in-shape. Anatomy Warehouse offers the lowest prices and best service on the web, plus our great Low Price Guarantee!

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  1. Food Replica Packages 1, 2, & 3 (WA02986U, WA02987U, & WA02988U)

  2. All 10 Food Group Sets

  3. MyPlate Classroom Kit

  4. Body Fat Vest (20 Lb.)

  5. Food Replica Packages 1 & 2 (WA02986U & WA02987U)

  6. Body Fat Vest Without Case (20 Lb.)

  7. Complete MyPlate Kit

  8. A Days Intake Complete Kit

  9. Complete Big Kit Set

  10. Great Food Kit

  11. MyPlate Food Kit

  12. Fruit & Vegetable Rainbow Foods Kit

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Encourage Healthy Habits with our Nutrition and Diet Collection

In a world racked with obesity and its related health concerns, it's more important than ever for everyone to understand proper nutrition.  Anatomy Warehouse is here to help you find the perfect educational aid, whether you're a health science educator, a nutritionist, or a fitness instructor who wants that special aid to shock your clients into shedding those pounds.

One of our most popular nutrition aids is the famous 1 Pound of Fat Replica.  This amazing and creepy replica of a pound of human fat is a realistic reminder of the extra weight we're all carrying around.  We've been told by experts that this is just what it looks like in a cadaver!  This shocking visual aid will be perfect for helping get your clients moving, or even just to keep around as a reminder of what you're trying to lose when you gain that muscle.

Speaking of gaining muscle, we love our selection of fitness posters.  A healthy diet is only as good as the exercise that goes along with it, after all!  A favorite is the Strength Training Anatomy Poster Series.  This set of 7 posters educates fitness novices and experts alike on great exercises to help build strength.  Each poster targets a specific muscle group - back, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, gluteals, and legs.  The posters each feature 9 exercises, as well as displaying the anatomy in action.  The set is a great deal for fitness centers looking to add information to their walls, or for the home gym enthusiast. 

Anatomy Warehouse offers the best aids to help you get your eating habits and fitness on track.